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Redline makes performance carburetor kits for the Subaru Brat. Outside the United States, the Brat is also called the Subaru Brumby, Subaru Shifter, or Subaru MV. Two Redline Weber Carburetor Kits are offered. The K 731 fits all Subaru vehicles with the EA-82 Engine and the K730 fits all Subaru vehicles with the EA-71 or EA-91 engine. These engines are found on the following vehicles:

Engine Applications
EA-71 1978-1980 Subaru BRAT
1976-1987 Subaru Leone
EA-81 1981-1987 Subaru BRAT
1980-1989 Subaru Leone
EA-82 1988-1993 Subaru BRAT
1985-1994 Subaru Leone
1985-1991 Subaru Alcyone


Typical Redline-Weber Downdraft Kit
Example Downdraft Kit

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Part # Redline Carburetor Kit Price  
K 731 ALL INCLUDING BRAT ALL 88-93 equipped with EA-82 1.8 (Features Weber 32/36 DGEV Carburetor) $372.91
K 730 ALL, INCLUDING BRAT ALL 72-87 equipped with EA-71 1.6 & EA-81 1.8 (Features Weber 32/36 DGEV Carburetor)
Picture of K730 Kit.

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