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So, somebody told you to get a boost controller for your turbocharged car. We've got to give them credit there. There is nothing else you can do to a turbocharged car to so easily and inexpensively increase horsepower. But did they tell you how a boost controller works? Or that there are several types of boost controllers? Ah, I suspected as much. Let me fill you in on just enough information to make you able to look good when swapping stories with your fellow hooligans next Saturday night.

Boost is slang for the amount of pressure that exists in the intake manifold of a car. In a naturally-aspirated (non-turbocharged) car, this pressure is a slight vacuum. The piston is pulling air into the cylinder and the restriction imposed on the air (by the air filter and piping) creates a restriction on how much air actually enters the engine. The less air, the less power--it's that simple.

A turbocharger simply pushes air into the engine, eliminating vacuum and actually creating pressure in the intake manifold. Good huh? Well, mostly. In this case there is the potential for "too much of a good thing". Too much air and you end up with too little fuel (boom--end of engine.) You need to add just enough so that your engine can still feed it adequate fuel. A boost controller does that. It opens or closes the wastegate on the turbo to ensure that just the amount of boost that you specify is given to the engine.

I told you there were multiple types. The first type is manual. A manual boost controller's benefit is that it is very inexpensive. The downside is that it tends to be fairly inaccurate. You can only add a very slight amount of boost to your engine or else when you get a little spike *boom*! The other type is electronic boost controllers. The Profec B-Spec is an entry-level electronic boost controller. Electronic means that is is much more accurate about how it adds boost (ie, less potential for *boom*). Entry-level means that it is less expensive that the high-end boost controllers like the GReddy Profec e-01. (Okay, take a quick look but then hit your browser's "Back" button to finish up here.)

Based on the very popular B-Spec., the all new PRofec B-Spec. II's basic function to increase boost is as easy as the original, with an added built in boost pressure display and optional features like real-time, peak or last boost display (in either kPa or PSI). There are optional warning and boost limiter functions that can be programmed to offer much more control. The two presets values can be stored and are executed by a larger capacity inline solenoid valve. This unit does not require extensive programming and is ideal for low to high boost levels for single or twin turbos with actuator or external wastegates. The GReddy PRofec B-Spec. II is available in black or silver cased head units.

In case you're curious exactly what it takes to install one of these technological marvels, take a look at this GReddy Profec B-Spec2 Installation Manual. (Careful--it's pretty big. About 3MB.)

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Part # R-Fit Models Price
15500209 PROFEC B SPEC II black Electronic boost controller $410.40
15500210 PROFEC B SPEC II silver Electronic boost controller $410.40
15500351 GReddy Profec Remote Switching System

This nifty button straps neatly to your steering wheel and allows you to jump from normal, ordinary, everyday boost to "Get out of my way, here I come!" boost. Your hands never leave the steering wheel!

Sold out!

This is a replacement to the original Profec B Solenoid Valve


This is a replacement for the wire that runs between the Profec B and the solenoid.

Sold out!

This is a replacment for the harness that supplies power to the Profec B


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