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GReddy EManage Fuel and Ignition Computer

BUMMER! GReddy has discontinued the legendary eManage and no inventory, at GReddy USA, or GReddy Japan. This was inevitible but a bit sad none the less. But don't dispair! For those with old eManage units we still have some inventory of the parts below (quick, it will go fast) and for everyone else you can buy the even more powerful GReddy eManage Ultimate. This advanced controller offers far more features and includes the programming toolkit.

What is an E-Manage? What can an E-Manage do? An E-Manage belongs to the category of electronics called piggyback controllers. They are called this because the do not completely replace the factory engine management unit, but rather work in conjunction with the factory unit to allow you to tune and control specific aspects of the engine's operation while allowing the the original to maintain control of the rest. It is the best of both worlds!

GReddy EManage connected to laptop

Today's engine management unit is an incredibly complex piece of machinery. It does far more than simply control the delivery of fuel and ignition to the engine. They also control valve timing and are responsible for adjusting emissions. Nearly every piece of electronic equipment in the car ties its operation into the ECU. You can't simply yank it out and expect the car to operate correctly.

Fortunately, there is hope for the auto enthusiast who needs to extract more performance from his or her car than the stock ECU was intended to provide. That hope is the GReddy EManage. This precision controller will allow you to adjust a broad range of performance-related controls in concert with the ECU. The result? Killer performance and a car the works properly, as the manufacturer intended. Consider just a few of the things you can control with your GReddy EManage:

Fuel Delivery - Compensate for upgraded mass air flow meters, throttle bodies, or fuel injectors.

  • Adjustment of fuel delivery at 5 different RPM ranges
  • Adjustment of air flow meter signal by up to 20%
  • Incorporated Fuel- and Boost-Cut Controller
  • Control of up to two additional injectors activated by boost or RPM level (with optional boost sensor)
  • Idle adjustment circuit included

Ignition Timing Adjustment - Control your ignition timing under high-output conditions (with optional timing adjustment harness)

VTEC Timing - Have one of these in your car? Now you can do even more!

  • Set valve timing based on Engine Speed
  • Use your factory non-VTEC ECU with your VTEC engine swap!

The EManage even features password protection of the user's setup and stores its settings in non-volatile memory so settings are not lost if the battery is disconnected or dies. It's what you've been looking for!

Orders over $150 ship FREE!

Part # EManage Unit and Accessories Price
15500500 E-MANAGE (basic unit) piggy-back engine management unit Disc.
15901001 E-MANAGE SUPPORT TOOL (Program CD w/ spl. cable) $132.05
15900914 E-MANAGE Main Harness
(One of these is included inside the 15500500 E-Manage)
15900901 E-MANAGE INJ. HARNESS for main and sub. inj. control $38.50
15900902 E-MANAGE IGN. HARNESS for ignition timing control $41.80
16401301 3.0kg/cm2 PRESS SENSOR secondary MAP sensor (Use Harness 16401301) $117.33
16401406 PRESS SENSOR HARNESS (use w/ 16401301) $35.00
15900903 KNOCK SENSOR ADAPTOR 1 $19.80
15900904 RPM SIGNAL ADAPTOR 1 (6 cyl. RPM adapter) $19.80
15900905 RPM SIGNAL ADAPTOR 2 (4 cyl. RPM adapter) $19.80
15900909 RPM SIGNAL ADAPTOR 3 (RX8 RPM adapter) $26.00
15900906 IGN. SIGNAL ADAPTOR 1 (6. cyl. Ign. adapter) $19.80
15900907 IGN. SIGNAL ADAPTOR 2 (4 cyl. Ign. adapter) $19.80
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