HKS Air / Fuel Regulator

The HKS AFR (Air Fuel Ratio Regulator) is a simple fuel adjusting device that adjusts the air / fuel ratio by changing the airflow voltage output to the factory computer. The AFR was designed for vehicles that are lightly tuned (air cleaner, exhaust system, header, etc), and that only need slight fuel-adjustment. The 10 setting adjustment indicator allows the user to richen or lean the stock setting by approximately 1.0 A/R point in either direction (richer or leaner). Each notch on the adjustment indicator will adjust the A/R by approximately 0.20 of an A/R point. Both the lean side and the rich side have 5 adjustments.
WARNING: Due to the nature of this product, a lean air/fuel ratio may be achieved and may cause detonation or serious engine damage. Because this unit is a sophisticated electrical device and can easily be damaged by improper installation, these units are sold "AS-IS", and are non-returnable for ANY reason. We strongly suggest that this unit be installed by a qualified professional who is familiar with this product.


  Part # Description Price
4604-RT001 TOYOTA COROLLA 84-95 (TYPE-D) $137.75ea
4604-RT001 HONDA CIVIC/CRX 88-95 (TYPE-D) $137.75ea
4604-RT001 MAZDA RX7 TURBO 93+ (TYPE-D) $137.75ea
4604-RN001 TYPE L $137.75ea

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