HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier

     The Twin Power Ignition Amplifier is engineered to produce
a hotter and more efficient spark needed for high performance applications. The Twin Power continuously monitors the coil to allow the ignition system to reach maximum capacity without overcharging. The Twin Power also provides optimum spark duration and voltage output. The Twin Power combines a Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) and a Transistor Ignition into one package. While the CDI is effective at producing high voltage, it can only do so for a short period of time. The Transistor Ignition controls current to the coil via an impedance matching circuit, to produce a longer spark duration. This powerful combination creates greater horsepower at higher RPM levels and increased throttle response at lower RPM levels.

  Part # Description Price
4301-SA005 HKS TP DLI (Distributor-Less Ignition)
fits most cars like Toyota Supra 86.5-92 N/A & T, Eclipse T 89-99, 3000GT VR4 90-99, 300ZX TT 90-96
4301-SA006 HKS TP Rotary $558.00
4301-SA007 HKS TP Distributor $427.80
4399-SZ001 HKS TP Harness - Mazda RX7 93-96 $41.85
4399-ST002 HKS TP Harness - MR2 90-95, Celica 3SGTE & 5SFE, Supra 2JZGE $41.85

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