FJO REVolution Pro Series

2nd Generation
Water-Methanol Injection System
with Boost Control

FJO Racing Products Water-Methanol Injection System

Ok, for those looking for technical information, skip down a few paragraphs. I am putting this right here at the top for visitors with short attention spans who were thinking about buying "Brand A" water injection kit.

I'll make this fast. If you're thinking about hooking up one of those "Brand A" pieces of junk up to your engine then you're braver than anyone I know (or you don't care very much about your engine.) If you're trying to save money just unhook the windshield sprayer line, drill a hole in your intake, and shove it in there. That's free, and you can use the money you saved to call a tow truck when your engine detonates.

Think I'm being harsh? Consider this. Their water injection system consists of a pump (thats good), a cheap piece of hose with what looks like a garden sprayer end, and a controller that turns on the pump when it sees boost. First, that's the wrong way to use the pump and if you think you're going to consistently get atomized water-meth out of the end of that water hose you're more optimistic than I. Instead you're going to get a bit of atomized water punctuated on both ends by a stream. Streams of water into your engine are a bad thing. No precision control. Oh, but you can get a 5 gallon tank. That's absolutely necessary with that system because the control is so imprecise and the spray so coarse that you're going to need a tank that size.

The FJO controls water injection through an ultra-fine spraying solenoid-nozzle (the object with the wires in the top-left corner of the picture above.) The pump just provides the pressure--the controller uses the solenoid-nozzle to precisely meter atomized water into your intake. A PC-based interface lets you determine how much water-meth will be injected based on a very detailed 2-dimensional MAP. (Don't let that freak you out. Setup is easy and we're here to help.) Plus optional boost control. Plus provisions to connect to the FJO Wideband AFR.

Ok, now for the "company line." It's your turn to skip to the Pricing Info.

Begin Technical Discussion:

After months of waiting FJO has finally released the second generation of their much-anticipated Water-Methanol System. Never being ones to rush perfection, FJO has hit the cover off the ball with this incredible product. The following benefits make the FJO Water-Methanol injection system the best on the market!

  • 2D Injection Map - The user-friendly PC-based setup program allows for cell-by-cell adjustments on injection volume based on Boost or Throttle position and RPM.
  • Twin 2D Boost Tables - The FJO Water Injection Controller allows you to set up two boost tables--one for daily driving, and one for higher performance. You can switch between these two tables by adding a simple switch in the driver's compartment.
  • FJO High-Speed Data Bus - This allows you to integrate the FJO Wideband AFR system with your FJO Water Injection Kit. Not only can you display your air-fuel ratio in your water injection window on your PC, you can program your water injection controller to cut your boost if you air-fuel ratio suddenly goes lean. Running twin FJO AFR controllers on your V6 or V8 motor? Perfect! Not only does the FJO Water Injection System display the richest and leanest channel, it knows to cut boost if either one drops below your pre-set level.
  • Solenoid-Nozzle - Other water-injection systems that use a pressure modulated method to adjust flow are hard on the pump. They also tend to be imprecise and slow in response compared to the FJO Solenoid-Nozzle. The FJO Water-Methanol Injection System maintains a constant pressure while the controller adjusts the volume of injection by modulating the solenoid nozzle. Because of the location of the nozzle (immediately in the intake flow) and the incredibly precise nature of the solenoid used, the FJO system delivers precision and response that could never be achieved by modulating the pump. A second feature of the FJO Solenoid-Nozzle is the nozzle. It delivers droplet sizes of less than 60 microns with a spray pattern ideally suited for injection into a 3~4 inch diameter intake - Unlike agricultural nozzles which are designed to operate at 12~18 inches from their target. It is this combination of control and atomization that delivers superior performance.
  • Integrated Boost Control (Optional) - Besides giving you Throttle-Position Based Boost Control, there is a key benefit to letting FJO manage your boost while it is injecting water-methanol. In the event that something interferes with water-methanol injection, it can be programmed to cut boost. Not flash a light and hope that you see it and and come out of the throttle. Immediately, instantaneously, as soon as it happens. This is a level of protection you won't get with any other water-methanol injection system.
  • FJO Pumps Feature Methanol-Resistant Seals - FJO Pumps are intended for use with water-methanol mixtures up to 50/50. 100% Methanol is not supported because the pump is not certified by the manufacturer for use with flammable liquids. In addition, Methanol is an incredibly harsh liquid which has virtually no lubricating capacity which will negatively impact the pump's life expectancy. We recommend the use of a manufacturer-certified fuel pump that is rated for use with 100% methanol if methanol concentrations about 50% are used.

The use of water and methanol to control detonation in high compression or boosted engines is a time-proven technology. This advanced product is engineered to deliver a fine mist that can be precisely metered based on MAP vs TPS or MAP vs RPM. With the use of 2 dimensional maps, it is possible to program the controller to deliver exactly the correct amount of spray without the risk of flooding the combustion chamber. Our unique nozzle-solenoid design allows for instant control and delivers a mist so fine that complete evaporation is almost instantaneous. This results in a more effective use of the spray without risk of condensation in the intake. The FJO Water-Methanol Injection system is constructed using materials which are unaffected by water and methanol. To avoid compromising the performance of the system, materials such as brass, raw or anodized aluminum, raw or plated steel, natural rubber, and silicone are not used as they are not suitable for use with water and/or methanol.

Built to the same rugged specifications as all of FJO's products, this system sets a new standard in water injection.

FJO Injector Driver Features
  • Spray volume based on MAP vs RPM or MAP vs TPS
  • Integrated 48 PSI MAP sensor
  • Nozzle-solenoid delivers ultra-fine mist achieving instantaneous evaporation with precise metering (see video)
  • High pressure 100% duty-cycle pump
  • Easy to use graphic set-up menus using PC
  • System is expandable
  • All components are suitable for use with water and methanol mixtures
FJO Injector Driver Benefits
  • Free updates/upgrades to software and controller firmware for the life of the product
  • User installable firmware update using PC
  • Built for the racing environment to withstand heat, vibration, dirt and water
  • Free direct technical support
Water Injection Kits

2nd Gen Water-Methanol Injection Kit includes:

  • Controller with software and cables
  • Solenoid-nozzle Assembly
  • Stainless Filter
  • Controller pressure sensor accessory kit (includes sensor, cable and fitting)
  • Install kit with fittings, hose, nozzle bungs (aluminum & stainless
  • 12vdc high pressure pump

Purchase Solenoid Control Kit (below) for boost control functionality.

Optional Accessories

Boost Control Solenoid Kit for FJO Water-Methanol Injection System

Available for either single- or dual-port wastegates (Single-Port version shown)

Boost Control Solenoid Kit for FJO Water-Methanol Injection System

Replacement filter element

Sintered stainless filter element


Dual Solenoid Nozzle Kit

Support horsepower levels from 1100-1600 with a second Solenoid Nozzle. Includes installation kit with T-Fittings


FJO High Speed Data Bus Cable and Terminator

If you've already got the FJO Wideband, this will get it and your Water-Methanol Injection System talking


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